2012 Recap

After sifting through hours of footage, the following clips helped me remember what a great year we had on and off the water, the good times, and how fortunate we really are. Can’t wait for 2013! Thanks for following along, looking forward to sharing more with you next year!



  1. REELMAN says:

    thanks for all the great video’s,,, and tips you have provided….. I am also “Looking forward to next year.” cheers!!!!!!!!

  2. Jer says:

    Hey Joe,
    For me I’m hitting the tourney trail hard this year with 3 in Wy. and 2 at Oahe. I’m a fan of your’s and a huge fan of walleye fishing. My question is, I have been debating on fishing a pro-am next year. What are your ideas on this? Is there alot to learn? How early does a guy sign up? Is it an overall good experience? Any details I should know before signing up?
    Thanks again Joe.

    • joeokada says:

      I appreciate it Jer! Man I love Oahe, one of my favorites for sure!

      The biggest mistake I’ve made in tournament fishing is not taking advantage of pro-ams early on. I did lots of team events…still learned a ton, but learned the hard way. Watching some of these guys on tournament day would’ve shot my learning curve much higher and faster. Everyone learns differently, but I guarantee you’ll pick up enough at each event to make it worth your while. I’m assuming you want to fish the co-angler side, but if you’re planing on giving the boater side a shot, you can pretty much sign up as long as it’s a couple weeks prior to the event. AS a co-angler, it helps to contact a boater and sign up with them to ensure your entry. If you have any more questions, shoot me a message on FB and I’d be happy to help you get started.


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