NWT Ohio, The Lake Erie Plunge!

Went the wrong way on the leaderboard today…otherwise known as the Lake Erie Plunge! Oh well, send me back out here anytime, I’ll be ready!



  1. Dave Klock says:

    Glad to finally see some posts again Joe. I fished my first ever MWC this year out of Trenton this spring and boy are you correct in this video , Erie can really break your heart. Learned so much about how important your adjustments in water clarity are. Never a bad day if you learn something . Anyways, glad to see updates I always enjoy your input and honesty. Keep the chin up bud you have had a couple great day ones , eventually it will come together!

    • joeokada says:

      That’s right Dave, ALWAYS learing! And thanks for the kind words, means a lot. Good luck in your upcoming tournaments!

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