Hook n’ ‘Eyes’ Guide Service began one year out of high school. It was, and still is a great experience. Having to consistently produce for paying customers generated the fastest learning curve I have experienced to date.

In 2002, I received my USCG Captain’s license which allowed me to expand my services to the Great Lakes. Green Bay is where I was able to develop my big-water walleye techniques.

I feel very fortunate to have so many close friends, family, and mentors that never cease to provide the support and encouragement that is nessecary for me to reach my goals. When I was getting started, my Dad fished with me on the Masters Walleye Circuit for five years. We’ve learned a ton, shared some great times together, made lots of friends, and strengthened our relationship through the highs and lows of competition.

It doesn’t seem like nine years since I made my first step towards becoming a professional angler. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how everything has evolved during that time. Equipment, techniques, competition, sponsorships, and our marketing strategies continue to do so. Knowledge gained from all aspects of the retail side, along with tour-level tournament experience, continue to benefit me personally and professionally.

Having a strong online presence that integrates with the major social platforms has quickly become our best marketing tool as anglers. This is why exists. Thanks so much for your support, see you on the water!