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  • Final Day Top-10 in North Dakota!

    Final Day Top-10 in North Dakota!

    First time out to this lake, but definitely not my last! Ended up with a top 10 so very pleased with the outcome. Big thanks to Jason Foss of North Country Marine for his hospitality out here this week, and all of the hard work that went into getting this event take place here in Garrison.

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  • JP Takes Oahe!

    JP Takes Oahe!

    That one time when you were one bite away… Huge congrats to Jason! Great guy, and he earned it on a very tough bite. Anytime I need some motivation, this clip will do just that!

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  • Final Day in Oahe – So Close!

    Final Day in Oahe – So Close!

    The dust has settled, and I was able to finish in 2nd place at the NWT Championship out here in SD. The list is long with the people I need to thank, and I truly appreciate the support from all of you over the years. It means more than you know. Looking forward to spending a little time at home! Thanks again!

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  • AIM Win On Green Bay!

    AIM Win On Green Bay!

    Blosser and I were able to find 5 of the right ones to end the week on a really good note! Had a lot of fun out there and can’t wait to come back. Thanks to my wave crushing Yar-Craft 219, Smooth Moves Seats, and Yamaha Offshore to get me there and back. It makes the roughest days out there much more enjoyable. We appreciate the support everyone, next up is the NWT Championship in SD. Can’t wait!

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  • Final Day NWT Sturgeon Bay, WI

    Final Day NWT Sturgeon Bay, WI

    Stumbled a bit, but still happy with the results. One of these days I’ll finish the job out here! Thanks for the support everyone, means a lot!

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