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  • Nebulus Flotation Device

    Nebulus Flotation Device

    Okada and Blosser have mandatory ATV flotation regs on their local lakes. Regardless, the Nebulus Flotation Device is a little peace of mind whenever you venture out onto the ice. Since it supports the weight of your ATV/snomobile, it can also save you some recovery dollars if your machine goes through. Visit NebulusFlotation.com for more information.

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  • Spooling Up Segmented Lead Core

    Spooling Up Segmented Lead Core

    Here’s how I spool up my 27LC’s for segmented lead core fishing on Green Bay. Should be up there very soon, one more show to do out in OH and it’s quality fishing time until ice up! Can’t wait, I’m sure I’ll see many of you soon, otherwise stay tuned for updates along the way.

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  • EZEE Step Measurements

    EZEE Step Measurements

    If you’re considering adding a set of EZEE steps trailer steps to your rig, here’s the 3-step process that will get the measurements for the perfect set of steps. If you have any questions, or have a specific need or obsticle, don’t hesitate to give Mark a call he can help you out. Contact info below… EZEEstep.com 1-815-252-6771

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  • Tip – The King-Swing Fishing Knot

    Tip – The King-Swing Fishing Knot

    Brett King was shown this knot while giving a seminar in Nebraska a couple years ago. I’m not sure of the actual name, so I call it the King-Swing. It’s a perfect knot to tie with gloves on, and works very well with the new Berkley Nanofil.

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  • Open Water Trolling Rod Selection – Spinners

    Open Water Trolling Rod Selection – Spinners

    Here’s what I look for when selecting open water harness rods for big walleyes.

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