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  • Tip – The King-Swing Fishing Knot

    Tip – The King-Swing Fishing Knot

    Brett King was shown this knot while giving a seminar in Nebraska a couple years ago. I’m not sure of the actual name, so I call it the King-Swing. It’s a perfect knot to tie with gloves on, and works very well with the new Berkley Nanofil.

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  • Open Water Trolling Rod Selection – Spinners

    Open Water Trolling Rod Selection – Spinners

    Here’s what I look for when selecting open water harness rods for big walleyes.

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  • Tip – Snap On Your Bouncers

    Tip – Snap On Your Bouncers

    Here’s a quick way to attach a bottom bouncer with an open bend, using a snap…without allowing the snap to slide up or down the arm.

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  • Tip – Harness Lead Storage

    Tip – Harness Lead Storage

    It can be difficult to store blank harnesses on a water noodle without having them come unraveled. Here’s how I do it to keep up to 50 leads ready to go on a single water noodle. Also show you how to stab a foot and stick a hook in a finger. I bleed for you guys!!

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  • Whitefish Ice Fishing Rigs

    Whitefish Ice Fishing Rigs

    Here’s a couple rigs you can try next time you visit Green Bay to fish for Whitefish. The Sabiki Rig would actually work well ice fishing for other species like perch or crappies. The more I think about this ice fishing stuff, the faster I want to see boats and open water. Come on Spring!

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